A Week Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plan For Picky Eaters

A diet is often interpreted as an effort to lose weight by reducing food portions and limiting the type of food. That’s why so many people think the diet only needs to be lived by obese people who want to be thin. A diet is one step to change your bad lifestyle to be better one. For you who are picky eater, make sure to try a diet with this weight loss meal plan to make your body goals come true.

Weight Loss Meal Plan for Picky Eaters
1. Day 1
In day 1, you can have breakfast with fruit salad and a spoon of Greek yogurt. Then, make your tomato soup for lunch and mass potato and steak for dinner.
2. Day 2
The next weight loss meal plan for picky eaters is by eating porridge with fresh fruit for breakfast. Then, bread with low-fat cream cheese and tomato for lunch. For dinner, you can pick brown rice and chicken.
3. Day 3
For day 3, you can eat egg and avocado on toast as the breakfast and tuna wrap with vegetables for lunch. Then, lemon chicken is a good choice for healthy dinner.
4. Day 4
For breakfast, you can just make a fruit smoothie and toast for lunchtime. For dinner, homemade pizza is very delicious to be tried.
5. Day 5
For day 5, you can choose fruits like pineapple and yogurt, which is very fresh and delicious. Then, you can also eat chicken salad for lunch and fish and chips as the dinner.
6. Day 6
It’s not only eating muffins for breakfast, but you can also eat mushrooms on granary toast for lunch. Then, chicken and brown rice can be the best choice for the perfect dinner.
7. Day 7
It’s the last day! You can eat healthier breakfast with toast and egg. Then, big beef tomato for lunch. In the end, you can eat a salad with your favorite vegetables.
That’s the information about a week healthy weight loss meal plan especially for you who are a picky eater. You can adjust your favorite foods with the healthy one, so the diet will be succeeded and you can get a perfect body as you want. Are you interested to try it?

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