Director’s Instructions Are Important In Piling Process

The pile must be fixed until the maximum penetration or certain penetration, as instructed by the Work Directors, or determined by testing the load until reaching penetration depth due to the test load is not less than twice the designed load, which is given continuously for at least 60 mm. Meanwhile, you can go to whenever you must hire a trusted and experienced piling service company near your area.

In that case, the position of the end of the pile head must not be higher than as instructed by the Directors of Work after the test pile erection. This position can be higher if approved by the Work Directors.

If the draft provisions cannot be fulfilled, the Work Directors can order to add the number of piles in the group so that the burden that can be supported by each pile does not exceed the safe carrying capacity, or the Work Directors can change the design of the underwater building if deemed necessary.

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