Eliminate Your Prolonged Stress

Although invisible, true stress can be fatal to health, such as easy to cause chronic diseases and even lead to death.
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You need to underline if prolonged stress can harm you. For more details, you can refer to the following points:

1. Chronic illness
Research shows, the impact of stress will cause a number of diseases such as damaged liver, lung disease, cancer.
In fact, stress that cannot be controlled can cause heart disease.

2. Learning ability decreases
The nerves of stem cells in the hippocampus are an important part of the learning process and memory.
But when stressed, the stem cells will be coated with myelin. This, of course, interferes with the work function of the brain.

3. Risk of stroke
High-stress levels can increase stroke.

4. The size of the brain shrinks
Excessive anxiety will reduce the gray area in the brain. This brain area is responsible for handling self-control and emotions.

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