Make A Clown Face Paint

Do you plan to have your child’s birthday party? Want to invite a clown but you don’t have enough time? Don’t worry, you can be a clown for your child’s birthday. What you need when you want to be a clown is face painting. You can visit face painting san diego to get the best face painting services. If you want to use homemade face paint, you can follow this method.

The material you need is:

2 tablespoons of white butter
5 tbsp starch / corn flour
1 tsp flour
1/8 tsp vaseline
Food coloring

Mix solid fat, vaseline, and food coloring. This face paint is thick. This means, if color is added in the final stage, the results will be difficult to mix with the base paint. Alternatively, at this stage, we will first add it to “wet” ingredients. Stir until mixed so that the mixture has a smooth and flat color.

Add corn starch and flour gradually. Next, add powder-shaped ingredients little by little. Stir while adding both so that the color is evenly mixed. When it’s finished and you find the color is too pale, don’t hesitate to add the ingredients again and continue stirring. After mixing the palm fruit and powder-shaped ingredients, the texture must be thick or even like chalk. This is a good texture – like oil paint for a clown face paint, this recipe must be dense enough to use. Note that the recipe requires one teaspoon of flour – not one tablespoon.

When this recipe is finished, you can place and store it in a container. Again, egg carton containers and baby food containers are perfect for storing each color separately from the others. Apply finished face paint with an unused makeup brush, soft cotton or light, and clean sponge.

Even though these recipes are non-toxic, you need to apply them carefully – they can sting when exposed to the eyes. For safety reasons, always make sure that children are allergic to paint ingredients before using it.

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