These Are Some Of The Proper Ways To Serve Wine

Unlike other types of drinks, the selection of glasses in wine needs to be considered for the best wine tasting experience. In the meantime, you might also want to visit if you’re looking for the recommended pressurized growler.

Certain types of wine are served in different wine glasses, some of which are:

1. White wine

The type of white wine is usually served in a glass that has a smaller bowl, this is because, with a smaller size, this can maintain the aroma and maintain the temperature in wine.

2. Red wine

Unlike white wine, red wine is usually served on larger bowled glasses. This is mainly due to the fact that it can provide room for ethanol in wine to evaporate. Another reason for serving in a large glass is to make the flavor of red wine more smooth.

Aside from that, the way wines being poured is also special. First, prepare a handkerchief before pouring wine. Handkerchiefs are used to avoid bursts of wine and make it easier for wine pourers. Wine sommeliers usually show wine labels in the direction of drinkers, so that they can find out the type of wine that is being drunk based on the brief information on the label. By default, wine is poured around 150-180 ml per glass. Don’t pour wine in a hurry to avoid spilling.

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