These Are Some Ways to Keep Your Chainsaw Sharp

Everyone certainly has a chainsaw in his house. They do this in case they need it at any time. If you are someone who has a chainsaw at home, then you must always take good care of it. If your chainsaw is damaged, then you must repair it immediately. You might look for chainsaw repairs to get the right chainsaw service.

However, one thing you also can’t miss is how to make the chainsaw always sharp. Because, if not treated properly, the saw can become blunt. Some ways to sharpen the saw you have to know are

1. Clean the saw thoroughly You can use mineral water or commercial cleaning detergents to get rid of oil, dirt, and dust from your saw blade. Do not over-cleanse the machine or other components, because some of these products can damage plastic components or other parts.

2. Check the saw blade for damage or worn out teeth One sawtooth may have been damaged, destroyed, or rusty, making it dangerous to use. The basic rule is that the top dish (flat surface above sawtooth) must be at least 1.5 cm long. If it is shorter than that, there is a risk of a broken saw when used. Damage, weakening and bad saw blades must be removed.

3. Arrange your saw on a hard layer or tightly tight it with a vise The saw blade must be stable, and the knife must hold the outside of the saw firmly. Pinch the saw body in a vise, with the tooth part holding the handle and allowing the saw blade to rotate freely, it’s up to you.

4. Find the cutter head This is the shortest part of the cutter on the saw. If all cutters look the same size, you can start anywhere. The main consideration is that you have to file each cutting tooth so that the flat part of the top of the tooth is almost the same size.

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