These Are The Causes Of Bumps On Car Tires

Some car users often complain that one of the four tires has a bump. Yes lumps, like humans if their head collides with a blunt object, then part of the surface of the skin on the head will swell which is often called a lump. However, the bump on car tires are not swollen, but there are other things. Even sometimes that is not realized due to the owner of the car itself. Apart from that, if your car also has some minor damages to its other parts, then you may hire the best auto detailing orlando near Orlando, FL.

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What are the causes of bumpy tires? Here’s the explanation:

Tire Pressure

Without your realizing it, tire wind pressure that is not in accordance with the recommendations of the car manufacturer will make a bumpy tire. You can because the tires are less wind pressure, while your car carries heavy loads. Or it could be because the tire uses excessive wind pressure.

This uneven tire pressure can make some tire surfaces stand out. This can happen if the condition of the tire, especially the part of the wall is not able to withstand wind pressure that is not comparable to the load on the vehicle.


If you often pass on a holey road, it can also be the cause of a bumpy tire. When you beat a hole, the first thing that will happen is the tire is sandwiched between the rim and the damaged road surface.

Imagine if you beat a hole at high speed, then the tire clamp to the rim will be harder which eventually damages the wire on the side of the tire. This is what then makes a bump on a car tire.

In order to prevent bump on car tires, you should always take care of car tires, for example by checking tire pressure before driving and try to reduce the speed when going through a hollow road.

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