These Are Tips From Those Who Did The Impossible

In life, we must have faced something that felt insurmountable, whether in the form of a long-term goal, one step but a very steep step, or just a job facing a tiring e-mail inbox, which takes all night to read and reply. So, how to outsmart that steep step, or face the e-mail invasion; without panic, giving up, and then deciding to stop? This is a common thing to face, even everyone has experience with such things. Even a professional athlete has ever felt hopeless when in such a situation. Meanwhile, you may also read the famous inspirational quotes to get more inspirations in life.

The following are the ways they do so that things that are unimaginable in the end can be done, and we can certainly do the same thing:

I can do it!

Alicia Searvogel tried to break the record of the farthest cycling carried out by a woman in one year, 29,603.7 miles, which has not been resolved since 1938. Until today, she has been cycling for more than 100 miles, every day, for 113 days. In fulfilling the challenge, he only had one mantra: Show desire, and pray. Only with such thoughts can he ride for seven hours a day, heat or rain.

He believes in himself, then he did it.

The main purpose? You can make several sub-goals

The main goal can be scary and heavy, but it will be lighter if we divide into several sub-goals or small steps that need to be done, to get to the main goal. Alicia Searvogel divides her cycling distance into 25 miles to reach 100 miles a day.

Focus on things that are motivating/encouraging

Cricket Butler has cycled as far as 2.745 miles on the Tour Divide, mountain bike bicycle racing, and he has followed it five times, and he won in 2010. He cycled in the Yukon, took part in the La Ruta de Los Conquistadores mountain bike race in Costa Rica, and climb the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. According to him, the secret to maintaining endurance is what makes us mentally excited.

Physically, we might be ready. However, if we are mentally not ready, we will fail. Cricket Butler always remembers his children when he participated in various competitions.

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