These Are Tips You Need To Clean Rubber, Fabric, And Stainless Steel Straps For Watches

Don’t forget to clean your watch strap too, in addition to maintaining its quality, diligently cleaning the watch strap will make you avoid skin irritation caused by bacteria that attach to your hands. However, the straps of watches for men must be cleaned according to the material used.

Rubber or plastic

For watches that use rubber straps, how to clean them is very easy, you only need to clean using soap and then brush using a small brush to remove the remaining remnants of sweat so it is cleaner, does not cause mold and odor Then dry it immediately.

Fabric or canvas

You can clean your cloth strap from canvas or canvas using a toothbrush and soap, then dry it using newspaper so it dries faster and leaves no odor. After that, it is dried by air for a few moments.


As for the watches that made of stainless steel (the pure ones), clean your watch strap by brushing it, especially between lines of the sides of the watch strap to remove the remnants of the sticky sweat then dry it immediately.

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