This Drone Thermal Camera Is The Unnatural Heat Detector

Currently, the drones are divided into three categories, namely military drones, industrial drones, and consumer class drones. Each has its own specifications depending on regulation, with different capabilities. One of the drones created to meet the needs of an industrial scale is the Dahua X820. This drone is designed for inspection of tall buildings, preventing and knowing forest fires, illegal logging, and illegal fishing, recording music concerts, chasing traffic violators, and knowing areas that are not affordable, and other functions. Aside from that, if you need a thermal camera which isn’t too expensive, then you may want to check out the cheapest thermal imaging camera.

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Dahua X820 with dimensions of 940 mm in length 940mm in width and 521 mm in height, has three cameras that can be selected with certain specifications namely standard cameras, thermal cameras, and broadcast cameras.

The Dahua X820 standard camera uses the STARVI CMOS 1 / 1.9 “sensor, resolution, 6 Mp, with Electronic Shutter Speed 1 / 1s ~ 1 / 30,000s, and zoom capability up to 30 times. While the thermal camera has a heat sensor 640 (H) x 512 (V), a pixel size of 17┬Ám, with thermal sensitivity of 40 mK.

This thermal camera serves to detect unnatural heat. On peatland that often burns, this camera is very suitable for detecting fires.

While the choice of broadcast cameras can be used for live broadcasting. The resolution reaches 1920 (H) x 1080 (V), 2 Mp, with zoom capability reaching 12x, with effective speaker distance reaching 100 meters, with storage space capacity reaching 128 Gb.

As a drone for the needs of the industry Dahua X820 has better qualifications than consumer class drones but is lower than military drones. The distance to fly this drone reaches 10 km with a flight speed reaching 25 meters per second with a maximum height of 1500 meters.

Although not a selfie drone, Dahua X820 has the ability to follow me. You do this by photographing the object that will be followed, then the file is inputted in the follow me feature, then the drone will follow which direction the object is running.

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