Types Of Storage Warehouse You Could Rent

A warehouse is one of the facilities that are very much needed in the logistics world, both for short and long term. Many of them prefer to look for storage warehouses or 儲存倉 that are rented rather than buy themselves 儲存倉. One of their reasons is because the cost of renting a warehouse is much cheaper. Based on technology and ownership, warehouses can be divided into five types, namely private warehouses, public warehouses, automated warehouses, reefer warehouses, and distribution center warehouses. But, the most important of the type of warehouse in the world of logistics is based on the characteristics of the storage items.

1. Raw Material Storage Warehouse. This warehouse is more often found in industrial estates. As the name suggests, storage of raw materials is used as a place to store raw materials such as rubber, iron ore and others. The price of renting a raw material warehouse is relatively cheaper because it doesn’t require too many facilities.

2. Warehouse for Half-Finished Goods. The other meaning of a semi-finished warehouse is a warehouse that is used as a place to store logistic goods that are rented for the sake of attaching labels, repackaging and checking the number of goods. The cost of renting a semi-finished warehouse is relatively more expensive than the others because it requires labor to label all incoming goods.

3. Warehouse for storing production materials. A production storage warehouse is a warehouse that is used to store more stock. This warehouse is needed to prepare stock items just in case if there is more demand for goods from consumers. Usually, the payment system for rent of this building is per week and per month.

4. Cross Docking Warehouse. This warehouse is intended for them, expedition services as a place to transfer cargo from one truck to another so that the warehouse area that must be provided must be wider compared to other types of warehouses. This warehouse rental will be cheaper if the time period needed is faster.

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