You Can Try These 5 Tips To Take A Perfect Selfie

The selfie photo trend seems timeless. Starting from celebrities, presidents and even religious leaders like the Pope also follow this trend. Social media is one of the reasons why selfie photos are so popular today. In addition, the growing development of smartphone technology makes taking selfie photos even easier. Aside from that, if you need the most trusted photo booth service, then you may call the photo booth rental san diego, ca.

However, how do we take perfect selfies? There are a number of factors that can make our selfie photos look good. Here are some tips so that your selfie is not embarrassing:

1. Light is important

Light in the environment when we take selfies can make a big difference. Therefore, try to take a selfie in the room or a well-lit environment. Make sure there is no strong light in the background.

2. Look at the camera instead of the screen

One common mistake someone makes when taking a selfie is to look at the smartphone screen and not the camera. This makes you look down. Unless you really want to look like looking down, look at the camera so that your selfies are good.

3. Be creative, be silly

Why only take one photo if you can take lots of photos? You can combine several selfies into a compilation. Add stickers, emojis, and other effects and upload the photo. You can also take selfies with various expressions ranging from “normal” to “silly”.

4. Use the background blur feature

One way to take better selfies is to use a blur effect like on a DSLR camera. With this effect, we direct the focus of people who see our selfies towards us and eliminate any distractions in the background. Make sure the smartphone you are using has this feature in the camera application. If not, use another camera application that has this feature.

5. Reduce vibration and use a timer

Holding the camera with trembling hands certainly makes our selfie photos worse. Even hand movements can make our photos blurry. Even if our hands don’t tremble, as soon as we touch the shutter button, our selfies can be blurry too. To overcome this, use a timer. Most camera applications have this feature. Use 2 seconds delay to be more optimal.

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