You Must Understand About The Soil Processing Phase In Road Constructions

Sometimes stages of soil surface removal are needed, especially in flood areas that have mud deposits and river valleys. Disposal of this land surface is needed so that the soil surface has a good carrying capacity for road construction. Aside from that, if you wish to know the strength of your newly-constructed road, you may hire the best cbr test company near your area.

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In addition, after the cleaning phase has been completed, earthwork is then needed. Soil work consists of digging drainage and backfilling in places that require landfills or heaps. This land work aims to form a road body. To get good quality landfill, it should be noted that all soil is really compacted. It is recommended that the stockpiling be carried out layer by layer with a thickness of 15cm. Layer after layer must be compacted before adding to the next layer.

In this earthwork, the distance of land transfer that will be used for landfilling will affect the amount of labor needed and also the length of time it takes to work. If the distance of the excavated land is close, then the stockpiling process will run faster. Conversely, if the distance of transfer of excavated land is far away, then the time needed for this earthwork can take longer.

After that, the excavation of channels on the left and right side of the road will be carried out. The channel excavation ground can be placed in the middle of the road and leveled so that the road shoulder forms. Then the soil on the road is flattened and compacted. The soil should be doused with water so that the water content during compaction is truly awake.

When compaction is complete, it is necessary to re-measure it to ensure the height of the road body is in accordance with the applicable standards. If it turns out that the height of the road body has not been reached or is excessive, it is necessary to make adjustments to obtain the height that is truly in accordance with the standard.

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