You Should Bring Your Mobility Scooter During Your Flights If It’s Possible

When you fly while carrying an electric mobility scooter, its lithium battery with a capacity of up to 300WH is permitted to enter the cabin, specifically as a mobility aid. Airlines provide special permits for passengers with mobility problems to carry these capacity batteries. While passengers who have no mobility problems or movement problems, the size of the lithium battery that is permitted is only a capacity of 160WH. Meanwhile, you may click here if you wish to see others scooters that you can buy online.

Some other batteries, PW-800AX, and PW-1000XL products have a capacity of 240WH and are certainly more than the limit specified by the airline (160WH), but still below the permitted limit for mobility devices (300WH). Therefore, you are still permitted to carry two of these capacity batteries, one in the condition of the mobility scooter, and the other as a backup.

If you travel with your parents to another country to buy a mobility scooter and want to bring it yourself back to your home country, then you are allowed to carry the battery, because you are traveling with someone who will use mobility scooter. You can calmly relax along with your parents who need to bring mobility scooter with the battery.

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